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White Velvet Reversible bucket hat with NFC tag

White Velvet Reversible bucket hat with NFC tag


MŌS is embracing technology and its infinite possibilities for us to connect, belong, create, and use fashion as a tool to "embrace your true colors."


Introducing the newest addition to our brand The MŌS brand- the reversible bucket hat with an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag!


These hats could  be used in a variety of ways, depending on how the NFC tag (that is placed inside The MŌS brand logo) is programmed and what it is being used for. 


Here are a few examples of how an NFC-enabled bucket hat could be used:

1. As a secure, contactless form of identification: the NFC tag could be programmed with the wearer's personal identification information, digital business card, etc. Ideally for networkers that want to leave a cool and memorable and practical first impression. This information could then be accessed by NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones, without the need for physical contact.


2. As a way to access digital content or services: the NFC tag could be programmed with links to digital content, such as your website, portfolio, music, movies, or other media. It could also be used to access digital services, such as a membership program or loyalty rewards program.


3. Access and Proof oof ownership of your digital assets. When you get the this hat, you earn the option to claim a digital asset as form of NFT.


While NFTs are primarily known for their use as digital collectibles, there are also examples of NFTs with utility, which provide access or unlock certain features or benefits exclusive to the holders. Here are some examples:


Membership NFTs: These NFTs can be used to grant access to the MŌS XYZ community. 


Access NFTs: These NFTs can be used to grant access to limited edition and exclusive products, special prices, digital assets, events and experiences, backstage passes, and other perks. For example, our fashion shows, immersive experiences, events, Panels and educational content.  


Gaming NFTs: These NFTs can be used to unlock in-game benefits, such as exclusive levels, items, or bonuses. For example, the MŌS brand uses NFTs as in-game assets, which can be used to earn rewards including physical and digital items, and to participate in special contests.


Royalty NFTs: These NFTs can be used to represent ownership rights in a our assets, by providing the owner with a share of the profits. For example, As a holder of our MŌS NFT's you earn a percentage of the royalties for a particular NFT. As its increases in value, you get to keep it, trade it or sell it. 

If sold* the new owner gets the opportunity to access to the digital and physical perks


Access to physical assets: grants access to the first holders to the physical NFT. For example, our NFT's could represent ownership of a limited edition physical product, such as a bandana, a hat, a blazer or a piece of physical artwork, and provide the owner with exclusive access to related experiences or events.


Overall, the use of NFC-enabled bucket hats could potentially make it easier for people to access and use a variety of digital services and information in a convenient and secure way.

Expected to ship by 11|11
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