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Bandana Purple Leaves

Bandana Purple Leaves


Elevate your style with our Purple Leaves design. This bandana, part of our collection with a more subtle and elegant color palette, showcases a harmonious blend of purple, pink and green tones. With its captivating design inspired by nature, particularly the fontaine leaves, this accessory strikes a balance between elegance and vibrancy. The purple hues evoke a sense of intrigue and sophistication, making it a versatile choice for expressing your unique personality and embracing your true colors.


  • 130 cm x 150 cm 
  • In House-made Prints
  • Hand or Machine washable in delicate cycle, preferably in laundry bag.

    MŌS products are created and manufactured by artists and skilled artisans with carefully selected high quality materials.

    Please handle with care for a longer product life:


    • When ironing, press lightly on the back of the product with a cool iron
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