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Unveiling the Magic of COLOMBIAMODA + COLOMBIATEX 2023: A Fashion Journey Fueled by Innovation!

Estefania Galvan, Founder, and Designer of The MŌS brand

August 1st, 2023

Hola Amigos and Fashionistas!

I am back from an unforgettable

experience at COLOMBIAMODA + COLOMBIATEX 2023, held in the vibrant city of Medellin, Colombia. This was the first time I got to be at one of the most important Fashion Events in Latin America. I spent three amazing days exploring Plaza Mayor, where I had the opportunity to meet and have conversations with fellow designers, industry experts, and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe. Let me share the highlights with you!

🌎 An International Perspective: This year, Colombia Moda + Colombiatex 2023 showcased the region's top fashion, business, and talent, attracting a significant increase in international buyers. I also saw brands, and manufacturers from all around the world! I was amazed to witness the growing interest in Colombian fashion from global markets!

💚 Sustainable & Socially Transformative Fashion: Colombia moda 2023 wasn't just

about style; it was a platform for designers and brands to showcase their latest collections with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and social impact.

There was a designated area for circular fashion “Mercado de moda circular” brought by Sistema Coca-cola, where I got to meet brands like Sientochenta and Sneaker Remaker who through their products and processes promote better practices and conscious consumption.

The LYCRA Company is my highlight on textiles! They now have a fabric that adapts to diverse body shapes and movements, revolutionizing the fashion industry with technology, innovation, and eco-consciousness. The LYCRA Company's "Planet Agenda" emphasizes energy reduction, water conservation, waste reduction, and progress evaluation, highlighting their dedication to a sustainable future.

Technology and Digital Fashion: Seeing more brands and designers like Kaftan creador that dare to challenge the status quo was truly inspiring. Landian and Meta House Studio, were also there sharing interactive solutions from VR, AR, and metaverse experiences igniting a revolution that elevates creativity and amplifies the impact of fashion on a global scale!

Runway Highlights: There were 27 runway shows. This year marked a significant milestone with the first-ever runway showcasing 100% remanufactured processes by designer Alejandro Crocker with Loco Afán/ Re-Manufactura Sostenible. Also, the "Mujeres Cambiando la Moda" runway empowered five women-led brands to shine. So proud of this initiative that supports emerging talents led by women! 👏🏼💖

I also attended Mercedes Campuzano’s show with "Viva la Vida" collection. This talented shoe designer presented for the very first time on the runway her clothing line and it was nothing short of inspiring. Her collection celebrated all the emotions experienced throughout life, embracing the resilience and femininity of Latina women who always shine through adversity with a smile and the best attitude! 🔥

"Empowering the Impossible: Unveiling the Creative Force of JóvenesCreadores by La Colegiatura !" The collaborative work, innovative concepts, and even a digital runway were awe-inspiring!

I really enjoyed seeing students from diverse fields such as Fashion Design, Strategic Design, Graphic Design, Spatial Design, Organizational Communication, Advertising and even the tech world! Together, they explored their unlimited potential for innovation and creativity and the theme was all about making the impossible possible! challenging norms, and paving the way for a new era of creativity!

'Walking into Heaven' by Undergold, the closing runway of Colombiamoda 2023, was an unprecedented event that took over Medellin's Olaya Herrera Airport. In partnership with Johnnie Walker, this runway was the perfect way to end Colombiamoda + Colombiatex 2023.

The production of this spectacular show was led by XY Models, a model agency that has achieved international success and is now making waves in the production industry.

Celebrating Collaboration: From Disney partnering with local brands to Falabella teaming up with Atelier 1756, and Grupo Éxito collaborating with Mercedes Salazar, Francesca Miranda, and the DJ Agudelo 888 – all about coming together to create magic!

Spotlight on Academia: Pabellon del conocimiento played a vital role in the event's lineup. We got to learn and share valuable insights, trends, and innovations that are shaping the fashion world. It served as a platform for exchanging ideas, discussing challenges, and exploring new opportunities in the fashion industry.

COLOMBIAMODA + COLOMBIATEX 2023 was definitely a celebration of fashion, culture, and innovation! So proud and excited to see the excellence in the Colombian fashion industry! Stay tuned for more and let's continue to support and elevate together the fashion Industry at a global scale, challenging conventions and redefining the boundaries of possibility!

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