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Are you a conscious consumer? or an impulsive buyer? Ask yourself these 5 questions...

Buying smarter involves making conscious and informed decisions about your purchases to maximize value, minimize waste, and feel amazing inside out. At its core, conscious consumption refers to the mindful and intentional choices we make as consumers. It's about being aware of the impact of our purchasing decisions on the environment, society, and economy. So how do you know if you are a conscious consumer? or an impulsive buyer?

Ask yourself these quick questions:

1. Do you prioritize quality over quantity? 

Conscious consumers prioritize quality over quantity, opting for products that align with their values and lifestyles. 

2. When buying clothes or accessories, do you consider factors such as durability, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility? Conscious consumption encourages us to ask questions about where our products come from, who made them, and under what conditions. 

3. Is this a must-have or a nice-to-have? 

Ask yourself if this item fulfills a practical need in your life or if it's just a momentary craving. (it's fine if it is!) just be aware of the reason you are getting a garment, trust your instincts and avoid impulse buys

4. Can I comfortably fit this into my budget? Let's talk finances! Be real with yourself about whether this purchase fits within your budget without causing any financial strain. Think about how it aligns with your long-term financial goals and priorities.

5. Use this simple yet magic formula To help you evaluate the value of an item based on how often you wear it.

Here's the formula:

Price of the item ÷ Number of times you expect to wear it = Cost per wear 

Cost per wear = $130 ÷ 50 = $2.6 per wear

This means that each time you wear that bandana, it effectively costs you $2.6 By considering the cost per wear, you can make more informed purchasing decisions and prioritize items that offer the most value and longevity. Learn more about our commitment and our brand ⬇️🦜

By keeping these questions in mind, you'll shop with confidence, knowing that each purchase is a conscious choice that reflects your style, values, and commitment to making a difference starting with you!

We have a check list with these questions to keep handy on your phone!

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