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My NYFW Experience: Exploring the world of “phygital” fashion

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Estefania Galvan, Funder and Designer, The MŌS brand March 1st, 2023

As a fashion designer, participating in New York Fashion Week has always been a dream for me. This year (2023), I had the opportunity to show some of the looks of my brand The MŌS brand in a hybrid format of physical and digital garments (digital twins). This was in collaboration with Giovanna Marcallo Terez for Digital Fashion Week NY

The idea behind this show was to create a fluid and immersive experience for the audience. We combined traditional fashion elements with cutting-edge technology to showcase our garments in a new light. By creating digital twins of our physical garments using 3D modeling software, Virtual Reality, Holograms, and Augmented Reality, our goal was to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

At the NYFW show, we showcased the physical garments and their digital twins, giving the public the opportunity to experience the collection in multiple ways. They could touch and feel the clothes and accessories, try-on the digital versions using AR technology, purchase the physical garments and the digital version in the form of NFTs.

NYFW 23. Runway Model Mariana Uribe Wearing A MŌS blazer with the Bandanas REF: Palenquera L & M, Digital Twin by Giovanna Marcallo Terez

Overall my NYFW experience was a great success. It was exciting to see how people reacted to our mix of physical and digital fashion, and how technology can enhance the traditional art of garment making. I believe this trend will continue to grow in the future as more independent designers, brands and creators look for innovative ways to create sustainable, versatile and customizable fashion.

The response from the audience was very positive! I have to accept that I was debating within myself what the result was going to be, since for people who are not very familiar with technology, it can sometimes be a bit intimidating. But many were fascinated by the idea of digital clothing and the possibilities it opens up for personalization and interaction with the brand and its products. They were also intrigued by the potential of using technology to reduce waste and create sustainable fashion.

Runway Model: Pooja-Accamma Somaiah wearing the banana leaves dress

Digital Twin by Giovanna Marcallo Terez

Photo Credit Gian Pazza

Try-on experience by Zero10 app

One of the highlights of the show was our use of try-ons. Where attendees could literally try-on some of the looks with their phones by downloading the Zero10 app (You can also try it here) DFWNY created for us an hologram version of our garments that floated in the air , creating a stunning visual display that wowed the audience. This was a nod to the recent trend of holographic and virtual fashion, which has been gaining popularity in the fashion industry.

If you are a designer, brand, or fashion enthusiast, I encourage you to explore the possibilities of Fashion and Technology! And if you don't know where to start, fill out this form so we can provide you with the resources you need.

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