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MŌS Stylists Spotlight Series: Meet J. Frausto

This series aims to celebrate the talented stylists within the MŌS community, providing an intimate look into their journeys, unique styles, and the passion they bring to the world of fashion.

J. Frausto: Crafting Safe Spaces Through Androgynous Thriftwear

🌟 Years of Experience: 3

🦜 Aesthetic I Vibe: Androgynous thriftwear for a safe space of gender expression

🌍 Based in: Chicago, United States

🔍 What Sets J Apart:

J Frausto is not just a stylist; but an advocate for safe spaces in fashion. With 3 years of

experience, J's focus on androgynous thriftwear aims to provide people with a platform to explore themselves freely and authentically.

🎨 Creating Safe Spaces:

J's mission is clear: to give individuals a safe space to find and express their identity through fashion. J's wants to build a movement that encourages inclusivity and acceptance.

👕 Mos for All Gendered Expressions:

J resonates with MŌS as a brand designed for all genders and with a focus on embracing your personality through fashion. J's goal is to show people that MŌS is not just clothing; it's a canvas for creating a personal style that aligns with your identity.

🦜 Styling with a Purpose:

For J, styling goes beyond creating fashionable looks; it's about making a statement and promoting inclusivity. J Frausto brings a unique blend of thrifted style and advocacy.

🌟 Stylist Spotlight: The MŌS Mingle

Andrea will be one of the featured stylists at our upcoming event: The MŌS Mingle where you will have the opportunity to meet her and learn more about her fashion journey and receive 1:1 styling tips

🌐 Connect with J. Frausto :

Stay tuned for more insights from J, style tips, and a closer look at J's talents shaping the world of fashion with MŌS.

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