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MŌS Stylists Spotlight Series: Meet Dominique Kincaid

This series aims to celebrate the talented stylists within the MŌS community, providing an intimate look into their journeys, unique styles, and the passion they bring to the world of fashion.

Dominique Kincaid: Visionary Styling for the Bold

🌟 Years of Experience: 1

🦜 Aesthetic I Vibe:  Visionary and co-creating unseen worlds.

🌍 Based in: Chicago, United States

🔍 What Sets Dom K Apart:

With a fresh perspective and a passion for co-creating unseen worlds, Dominique Kincaid is a model, stylists, and creator making waves in the styling scene. In less than a year, Dom K has emerged as a visionary stylist who loves clothes, people, and the transformative power of personal style. Her unique approach involves breaking through internal barriers and external noise about appearance, guiding individuals to develop their personal style with confidence.

🎨 Clothing as a Language:

Dom K sees clothing as a language, and she has a lot to say. For her, styling is not just about

putting on clothes; it's a form of self-expression and communication. She thrives on the idea of styling not just individuals but entire visual experiences, including music videos, fashion shoots, plays, and more.

👗 Embracing Individuality:

A firm believer in wearing what makes her feel vibrant, Dom advocates for individuality and encourages her clients to do the same. Her mission is to help individuals embrace their unique style, free from societal pressures and past thoughts that may hinder their self-expression.

👑 The MŌS Connection:

Dominique's enthusiasm for MŌS goes beyond styling; it's a personal alignment. She values the versatility of MŌS products in everyday wardrobes and appreciates the exceptional quality of each piece. Supporting MŌS and its founder, Estefania, aligns with Dom's values of uplifting women-owned and Latina brands.

🌟 Stylist Spotlight: The MŌS Mingle

Andrea will be one of the featured stylists at our upcoming event: The MŌS Mingle where you will have the opportunity to meet her and learn more about her fashion journey and receive 1:1 styling tips

🌐 Connect with Dominique Kincaid :

Stay tuned for more insights from Dom, style tips, and a closer look at her talents shaping the world of fashion with MŌS.

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