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Fashion Tech Vocabulary

  1. Digital Product Passports (DPPs) - High-tech records that tell the story of clothes, like where they came from and how they were made. Example: Imagine buying a fancy purse with a special code on it. When you scan the code with your phone, it tells you everything about the purse, like who made it and what materials were used.

  1. Contactless Technologies - Fancy tech stuff like special codes or tags that you can use without touching them, making it easy to learn more about clothes. Example: You can use your phone to scan a special code on a shirt tag. It tells you all about the shirt without you having to touch anything!

  2. Blockchain Architecture - A super secure way of storing information about clothes by spreading it out across lots of computers, so nobody can mess with it. Example: It's like having a secret club where everyone keeps an eye on your clothes' info to make sure it's all real and true.

  3. Transparency - When you can see right through to where your clothes came from and how they were made. Example: Imagine being able to see through a window into the factory where your favorite shirt was made. That's transparency!

  4. Traceability - Being able to follow your clothes' journey from being made to being sold, so you know they're real and made right. Example: It's like following a treasure map that shows you every step your clothes took before they ended up in your closet.

  5. Authentication - Checking to make sure your clothes are real and not fake. Example: Just like a secret code or symbol that proves your favorite shoes are the real deal and not knock-offs.

  6. Circular Economy - A cool way of using and reusing clothes to make sure nothing goes to waste. Example: It's like a big circle where clothes are used, passed on, and used again, instead of being thrown away.

  7. Second-hand Market - A place where you can buy and sell clothes that have already been worn, giving them a new life. Example: It's like going to a thrift store where you can find awesome clothes that someone else loved before you.

  8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - A fancy term for keeping track of what you like so brands can give you stuff you'll love. Example: It's like having a friend at your favorite store who always remembers your favorite color and style.

  9. Cryptocurrency - Fancy digital money that you can use to buy things online, including clothes. Example: It's like having special digital coins that you can use to buy your dream outfit without needing paper money.

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