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Exploring Luxury Color Schemes for This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and design projects with the latest luxury color schemes. We've been diving deep into color explorations and have curated some exquisite palettes just for you. Whether you're updating your closet, designing a new wardrobe, or revamping your style, these color schemes will help you achieve a premium, sophisticated look.

A quick note

  • If you’re looking for last week’s weekly brief from MŌS, you can find it here.  

Ideas for Luxury Color Schemes

We’ve been exploring colors and we’ve learned a lot about what personalized color palettes can do and how easy it is when you learn to approach them by category.

For example: Bold contrasts with medium-strength colors create striking visuals, while softer hues convey elegance and taste.

Although some palettes didn’t make it into our next collection (although some did 👀), we wanted to share them exclusively on our weekly brief, so you can make the most out of them. These palettes are designed with a base level of accessibility in mind, and they primarily aim to be a guide. 

Here’s your guide to these luxurious color schemes: 

How to Use This Guide:

First, each palette contains four colors, utilizing contrast colors from within the palette for contrasting elements like scarves, jackets, accessories or shoes.

Additionally, each palette includes two potential gradient applications. Use these as a starting point—remix them!

Pick the ones you like as anchors, adjust them slightly, and make them your own! These palettes are a basis for inspiration; every great visual set takes a few tweaks to make it tailored for you! You can also get a custom palette here

We’ve created boards for each color set so you can get a visual vibe

Luxury Color Palettes for Summer by MŌS

1. Ethereal Elegance Ethereal Elegance combines the gentleness of soft neutrals with the warmth of gold and cocoa, perfect for a timeless, sophisticated look.

2. Opulent Ocean

Opulent Ocean evokes the serene beauty of the sea, offering a refreshing and luxurious palette for summer.

3. Lavish Lavenders

Lavish Lavenders are perfect for a regal, elegant feel with a touch of softness and mystery.

4. Gilded Greens

Gilded Greens bring the freshness of nature with a luxurious twist, ideal for creating an opulent and vibrant look.

5. Regal Reds

Regal Reds combines passion and elegance, making it perfect for bold, statement-making designs.

6. Sophisticated Silvers

Sophisticated Silvers offer a modern, sleek look, perfect for a minimalist and elegant aesthetic.

Stay tuned for more insights, style tips, guides, and a closer look at the people shaping the world of fashion with MŌS.

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