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A Custom Tuxedo Guide for Men and Women - Tailored Elegance with MŌS

Lapel Liberation:

  • For Men: Embrace the lapel as your canvas. Opt for a peak lapel for a timeless appeal or a shawl lapel for a proper and sophisticated look.

  • For Women: The lapel is your style signature. Choose a peak lapel for structure or a shawl lapel for a hint of drama.

Shirt Storytelling:

  • For Men: Your shirt is the backdrop to your lapel masterpiece. Customize with a bold wing or spread collar, and consider a pleated front for added flair or a "Fly-Front" for a cleaner look

  • For Women: Craft your own narrative with a blouse featuring intricate details and textures. Make a statement with a neckline that complements your lapel choice.

  • Bow Tie vs. Necktie Tale:

  • For Men: A classic bow tie for timeless elegance or a necktie for a rebellious touch.

  • For Women: If you decide to wear one, make a statement with a custom bow tie for a playful edge, or opt for a necktie to give an androgynous look.

Cummerbund or Vest Voyage:

  • For Men: Customize your look with a personalized cummerbund or vest. These are optional and might be considered depending on the occasion. Make sure that when you wear it, it resonates with your personality and ties the ensemble together.

  • For Women: Optional as well, but iid you dare to be different with a custom cummerbund or vest. Mix and match colors to showcase your fearless approach to fashion.


  • For Men: Personalize your journey with custom shoes, exploring materials, colors, and unique designs. Let your footwear make a statement.

  • For Women: Embark on a footwear adventure. Whether it's sleek heels or elegant

pointy flats, customize them to complement your tuxedo ensemble.

Fabric Options:

  • Wool, Linen, and velvet are great fabrics to customize your tuxedo with materials that reflect your personality and align with the occasion.

  • Elevate your style with custom fabrics – indulge in the luxury of velvet or satin, and experiment with unique patterns to tell your own fabric tale. Pocket Square Poetry:

  • Your pocket square is a canvas to express your artistic expression. Go for a colorful MŌS pocket Squeare or a more classic linen style.

Color Dress Code Discovery:

  •  Tailor your tuxedo color to fit the event's vibe. Venture beyond black – explore navy, burgundy, or custom hues to redefine formal fashion.

  • Decode dress codes with a personalized touch. Choose tuxedo colors that resonate with your personality, pushing the boundaries of traditional norms.

Sculpting To your Desired Silhouettes:

  • Commission a custom-tailored tuxedo that fits your body and personality. Whether you want it to fit like a second skin or a more relaxed silhouette. Customize jacket lengths,

  • sleeve styles, and trouser breaks for a silhouette that embodies your essence.

Confidence Is the Key:

  • Your tuxedo is a work of art, and a piece that you will probably will have in your wardrobe for a long time. Confidence is the ultimate accessory. Wear your customized ensemble with style, knowing it's a reflection of your authentic self.



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